Saturday, April 9, 2011

under my skin

I find myself in need of writing, when really I have nothing to say. Nightmares are keeping me up at night, and the lack of sleep is making me cranky and agitated. Nothing makes sence to me anymore, and I end up ignoring what happens around me (or at least try to). I have friends who need me, whom have been there for me before. Yet I turn my back and lock myself up in a deep isolation, not wanting anything to do with anything or anyone. I start to get more agitaded, letting every small thing get to me. Sipping into me, like a sharp thorn ripping in to under my skin, just waiting for me to crack...

1 comment:

  1. Until you're okay, no one will need you :)
    If things don't make sense, let them seem unknown. The harder we try to understand the further we push away knowledge. Let it ebb and flow instead. It's okay to turn your back, even if others won't say so.

    Stay you, with love X