About Me

I’m a soon to be 20 semi, but not really student.  I am currently going through outpatient treatment for depression and anxiety or social anxiety (I forget the correct term). I am still very new to the whole treatment phase as this is my first time accepting help from a professional. I do not claim to know anything I do not claim to be anything. In fact I know little about nothing. I’m just me, trying to figure things out as I go along. Maybe someone out there can relate to some of the stuff I express on my blog like I relate to so many others out there.
“Never apologize, never explain. Your friends don’t need it, and your enemies don’t deserve it”

“A pen, you see, you hold it between your thumb and your index finger. No wait. you hold it however you want. After that, it’s not hard, you don’t ever think about it. Your hands don’t exist anymore. The important thing happens elsewhere. No, this won’t do, it’s still too pretty, you know. No one gives a damn about pretty. There are children’s drawings and glossy magazines for that. So put on your mittens, little genius, little empty shell , yes, go on, put them on I tell you, and maybe at last you’ll see, you’ll draw an almost perfect failed circle.”

- Anna Gavalda - Hunting and Gathering
I have a passion for the arts. I’ve been drawing since I first picked up a pencil and painting is my therapy. I also have a love for reading and writing. While my peers became obsessed with shopping I spent my days taking the bus to town so that I could walk through bookstores. I am always looking for new bookstores and second hand stores. With offcourse my ipod in my pocket. My library card comes before my credit card. I’m fashion retarded and live on hand me down and the sales rack so that I can throw my money on ebay and record stores.
I aspire to be the best artist I can be, wether it’s in my paintings or my writings. I don’t claim to be good. My only audience is myself, my work is for me. My art is a passion my own personal therapy.